Download Tazza: White Horse All-in (2021)

Tazza: White Horse All-in (2021)

Tazza: White Horse All-in (2021)

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Due to their individual circumstances, Yoon-jae, Do-hoon and Alisa gather at a mahjong room run by madam Yang. When Yoon-jae arrived, the moaning sounds of Do-hoon and madam Yang were leaking from the mahjong room. Alisa arrived shortly after. Yoon-jae takes Alisa and leaves for a while, but Yoon-jae is already sucked in the game before even entering. That’s how Do-hoon and Yoon-jae started playing mahjong with their energy drained. The game gradually turns to madam Yang, and she decides to make the final wedge and starts to seduce Yoon-jae. Alisa also tries to seduce Do-hoon, but things get a little twisted and they all got into a hot relationship in the mahjong room.

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Durasi: 75 Min

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